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After a successful 2013 pilot, the Rutgers Center for Mathematics, Science and Computer Education is offering you and your students the opportunity to bring an expert into your classroom via Skype! Topics include meteorology, chemistry, health and food sciences, jazz music, technology, biological science, the Arts, astronomy, animal science, mathematics, politics, sports, and more! Download our FLYER for more information or REGISTER HERE to make a request. We will do our best to fill as many requests as we can.




Rutgers invites high school physics teachers, physical science teachers, and middle school physical science teachers to spend a week in July (2014) learning how to implement Physics Union Mathematics (PUM) curriculum.

  • Students learn physics by engaging in practices similar to that of physicists constructing and applying knowledge.
  • Special focus on mathematical reasoning that strengthens students’ reasoning abilities in both math and physics.
  • Students learn to collect data and to represent them in multiple ways, to use proportional reasoning to find patterns in the data, to explain them and to test their explanations in new experiments.
  • Students work in groups designing their own experiments and have ample opportunities to pose and answer their own questions.
  • PUM materials help teachers build a learning community in the classroom.
  • Integrated videos of concept-developing physics experiments from the award winning website Rutgers Physics Teaching Technology Resource http://paer.rutgers.edu/pt3
  • Pervasive use of the award-winning PhET simulations form the University of Colorado http://phet.colorado.edu 

PUM modules contain lesson activities, homework questions, daily quiz questions, and final tests. They use simple equipment that any school is likely to have. In case of the lack of needed equipment, Rutgers has a small lending library. The modules work with any textbook and can be implemented “as-is” or used to supplement any materials that the teacher already uses.

To learn more about the July 2014 program and for registration instructions, download the FLYER! Or proceed directly to registration HERE. You can also contact Rob Zisk at robert.zisk@gse.rutgers.edu for additional details.


Workshops at the Center

Our full list of workshops for the 2013-2014 school year is now available. CLICK HERE to see what the Center has to offer!


Registration is CLOSED for our Peace Corps Collaboration (Grades 2-8)!

Rutgers University Center for Mathematics, Science and Computer Education (CMSCE) is looking for classes, Grades 2-8 for Year 5 of the Peace Corps Collaboration.

For more information, download the FLYER or visit the VIDEOCONFERENCING COLLABORATION page.


In-District Sustained Partnerships

CMSCE offers in-district professional development to increase teacher content knowledge in literacy, mathematics, or science. Year-long partnership include standards-based, hands-on workshops and coaching/mentoring sessions designed specifically for your district based upon district textbooks and curriculum. Our specially designed professional development will help teachers in your district better prepare ALL their students to attain high achievement in the classroom and on New Jersey assessment tests. Contact Dawna Schultz at dawnas@rci.rutgers.edu for further information.

Our full list of in-district offerings for the 2013-2014 school year is also available. CLICK HERE to find out what is available to you in your district!

CMSCE Projects

THIS SECTION IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Please check back for updates :)

NJPEMSM: Now in its fourth year, the New Jersey Partnership for Excellence in Middle School Mathematics (NJ PEMSM), a National Science Foundation-funded project, has partnered with 13 school districts to work with mid-career middle grades math teachers to enhance their knowledge of the mathematics they teach daily. Partner districts include: Berkeley Heights, Carteret, Edison, Elizabeth, Franklin, Linden, Long Branch, Matawan-Aberdeen, North Brunswick, Old Bridge, Orange, Plainfield, Sayreville, Toms River, and Union Township. Among its goals, NJPEMSM focuses on preparing a cadre of mid-career middle school mathematics teachers who

  • understand the mathematics of middle school more deeply,
  • engage their students more effectively in studying and learning mathematics
  • take on leadership activitiers such as facilitator of in-house content-based professional development for their colleagues.
Download the brochure HERE.

CNJ PEMA: The Central New Jersey Partnership to Enhance Mathematics Achievement (CNJ PEMA) has partnered with the school districts of Franklin Township and North Brunswick Township to work with teachers in grades 3-8 under this NJ Department of Education MSP (Math Science Partnership) award. Among its goals, CNJ PEMA looks to increase the academic achievement of students in mathematics by

  • developing grade 3-8 teachers' mathematical understanding of Common Core content,
  • enhancing participating teachers' capacity to teach algebraic thinking for understanding, mathematical reasoning, strategic problem solving, and computational accuracy, and
  • creating a vibrant community of teachers engaged in coursework and professional development that leads to greater student achievement on objective state measures.
Download the brochure HERE.

New Brunswick Community-University Research Partnership: With support from a grant from Rutgers University, the New Brunswick Public Schools and CMSCE will collaborate on a project to enhance the capacity of teachers in grades 6-8 to engage students more deeply and more successfully in learning and using mathematics. Using facilitated Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), participating teachers from NBPS will reconsider mathematical content and mathematical pedagogy in light of current progress in cognitive science and learning theory. Research and evaluation components will measure increased teacher knowledge and examine how teachers modify classroom practice throughout the project.