Maker Movement

The Maker Movement is growing rapidly and we are excited that it has found its way into K-12 Education.  Makerspaces are a "physical mash-up" of shop class, home economics class, art class, and science and computer labs where kids have the opportunity to make projects that integrate these types of critical life skills.  In a makerspace, kids: Make, Hack, Design, Engineer, Craft, Explore, Discover, Innovate, Create and Play.

Making can be descibed as project-based learning where kids collaborate, critically think, and make a product they dreamed-up!  Imagine kids ENGAGED in making: light up bracelets, 3D printed cell phone cases, video games, robots, solar lunch boxes, marble runs, scribbling machine, just to name a few of the exciting projects you might find in K-12 makerspaces.

The Maker Movement is more than just makerspaces with cool tech tools--it is about a maker mindset.  It cultivates kids who are: Self Directed, Purpose Driven, Resourceful, and Iterative.  We need to foster maker midsets in our kids by giving them an opportunity to figure things out on their own, to construct for themselves solutions to problems they desire to solve.

What is the Maker Movement?

Check out these awesome videos of the founder of the modern Maker Movement - Dale Daughery:

NJ Makerspace Association: K-12 Education is here to support you and your district as you join this exciting movement.  We provide consultations, in-district teacher professional development, and special events @ Rutgers University in the following areas:

  • How to create a makerspace
  • How to cultivate a maker mindset
  • Best makerspace tools
  • Makerspace projects & curriculum
  • Essential maker skills

Resources: Blendspace & Pinterest

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