Maker Projects

Raspberry pi

  1. How to configure your Raspberry PI from scratch: VIEW HERE
  2. How to configure Raspberry PI for US locale and Keyboard: VIEW HERE
    1. Video of doing the configuration: VIEW HERE
  3. Robot Antenae (We need to make our own version. I think using Kenny's characters): VIEW HERE
  4. I presented from a RaspberryPI that was accessed only via Remote Access. How to configure it the same way: VIEW HERE
    1. Extra information for Mac OS X access: VIEW HERE
  5. Scratch GPIO -- Description of how to use. We followed this in the workshop: VIEW HERE
  6. We used the following for the tutorial for a button: VIEW HERE

I think the future version of the class should be:


  1. How to light an LED
  2. How to use a button
  3. How to read a potentiometer

This simplifies the electronics kit.  We can have them make a game using that information.

Little Bits

Squishy Circuits

​Soft Circuits

Toy Take Apart & Hack

Turtle Art

Makey Makey

Sample Project: One team made instruments for a little band and played Mary Had a Little Lamb (  


Sample chain reaction machine- going back and forth from virtual to physical: (

3D Printing Projects


Mindcraft to Maker:

Maker Stations

Download Additional Resources

 Little Bits Agenda.docx 
 Rasberry Pi Agenda.docx