New Cars for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Maker Program Wins Blue Ribbon at Maker Faire Milwaukee

A fleet of autonomous R/C vehicles have been built for the new CMSCE AI Maker Workshop Series as well as gathering data as working cars for GRID (Game Research and Immersive Design) debuted at the Milwaukee 2018 Maker Faire.

These cars were built from an open source concept project, FooCars originating from the local community makerspace, Fair Use Building and Research (FUBAR) Labs. Today, the FooCar has evolved as both a working car and a teaching/learning tool.  

Employing Computer Vision and Machine Learning, Richard Anderson of GRID and Jenny Shane of the Wireless Information Network (WIN) Lab (both also members of FUBAR Labs) sought more low cost ways to work with autonomous vehicles thus creating the FooCars.  Built by a  team comprising of GRID, WINLab and CMSCE members, the fleet in its current iteration, will make its debut in the classroom October 17 in CMSCE's Autobotz Workshop.

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