Winners of 2018 Rutgers Day Makey Makey Drawing

Congratulations to Crystal Stephens and Kyan DeGannes!  


Winners of the CMSCE Rutgers Day 2018 Makey Makey Drawing.  Our winners were chosen from a pool of registrants who checked in  at the DoCS Summer Session desk. Makey Makey was gracious to donate two Makey Makey kits for the drawing.

Our theme for this year's Rutgers Day booth was a Makey Makey obstacle course that was wired with Makey Makey and coded in Scratch. 

First obstacle was the Web Escape where participants were challenged to get through the web without waking the spider on the monitor.  

Then, they had to find their inner frog and hop through the Lily Pad Run.

Finally, chase the clouds away by using the balls to bat the foil lined clouds.

We used Classic Makey Makey to help us wire the elements up to the computer and then used Scratch to provide a multimedia experience with the physical obstacle course.  It was a big hit with the children that day and we had many repeat customers, young and old.  Our educational station which featured a small frog and felt lily pads was also well received as families got to see it in action on a smaller scale and become part of a circuit!

Brainstorming and building this obstacle course was a lot of fun.  We hope that it inspired our participants.  Thank you for playing with us!  Big thanks to Makey Makey whose innovation and generosity made this possible!