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New! SWIFT Coding & App Development

New Courses: Introduction to Coding and App/Game Development with Swift Programming Language

Coding skills are among the most in-demand skills today. Get real-world experience with this hands-on introduction to coding and app/game development courses. Once you have learned the basics, you will go further and see how your coding knowledge applies to application development! You’ll start with logic games and Swift —the fastest-growing programming language available—then move into object-oriented concepts. As your understanding of coding deepens, you will explore creating simple applications during the Fall course and prepare for more advanced Application and Game Development in the Spring course! Teachers will gain all the competence and confidence needed to create their own computer science courses. Rutgers-Newark announces this unique opportunity to learn Swift Programming Language in association with Apple!

·  Designed for teachers, school administrators, professionals in K-12 Education, or students seeking careers in education and/or technology

·  Online format (Virtual Classroom, Office Hours, and Café Sessions)

Fall 2020: Introduction to Coding with SWIFT (1.5 Credits)

  In this course, you will :

  Code in Swift programming language (100% hands-on, guaranteed results!)

  Learn fundamentals of object-oriented programming

  Gain computational thinking skills

  Solve real-world, community-based challenges with code

  Develop confidence to teach!

Spring 2021: SWIFT App and Game Development (1.5 Credits)

  In this course, you will :

  Create advanced applications to solve complex problems

  Learn to develop games using Swift

  Create your own K-12 customized computer science course

  Develop confidence to teach!