Dr. Brielle Kociolek
Senior iSTEM Education Coordinator

Dr. Brielle Kociolek is currently the Senior iSTEM Education Coordinator at the Center for Math, Science, and Computer Education. She is interested in ways to support teachers with implementing iSTEM in their classrooms. Her dissertation focused on researching how to support teachers with technology integration. This led her to create the technology support and innovation site for teachers in her school district to use as a way of gaining support and resources as well as creating opportunities for collaboration among colleagues. Dr. Kociolek has 15 years of experience in K-12 education including designing, implementing, and leading science and technology professional developments and curriculum. She started her career as a middle school science teacher in Charleston, South Carolina. She is certified in early childhood, elementary, special education, middle school science, and middle school social studies. Combining her love for science and technology has brought her to iSTEM education and research. 

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