Middle & High School Summer Maker Camp

Aug 7 - Aug 10, 2023
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9am to 4pm

Eddie & Brielle
Rutgers Makerspace

$425 for early bird
/ $475 after May 5th

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The Rutgers Makerspace will open its doors for its annual Middle & High School Summer Maker Camp for a week of innovation and invention. This year's theme will be centered around climate change and sustainability. Students will work in collaborative teams to solve a problem centered around climate change and sustainability, with the goal of developing an innovative product using the Engineering Design Process. Students will utilize a similar process as they would for Science Olympiad, Odyssey of the Mind, and/or STEAM Tank. Over the course of 4 days students will have the opportunity to work with Makespace tools and experts at the Makerspace to design their prototypes. Students will also create a pitch for a Shark Tank like proposal to present on the last day of camp to share about the problem they are trying to solve, their engineer design process and prototype.