Rebecca Reynolds
Associate Professor, Department of Library Sciences

Dr. Rebecca Reynolds is Associate Professor in the Deparment of Library Sciences in the Rutgers School of Communication and Information. work investigates social constructivist human learning in formal educational settings of K-12, higher education, continuing education, and informal learning environments, along with intentional and incidental learning occurring in naturalistic online participatory settings. She explores design and development of socio-technical systems for e-learning and the systemic, social, and critical implications of their deployment, such as privacy and data ethics. Her work addresses human cognition, knowledge-building, collaboration, and meaning-making with networked technologies, at multiple levels of analysis. Reynolds situates her work in disciplines of information science, learning sciences, socio-technical systems research, critical informatics, and human information behavior. One recent project addresses teacher practices during emergency remote teaching in the pandemic, as it relates to digital inequality, instructional design, and student engagement and motivation.

Reynolds is the co-founder and co-editor of the journal, Information and Learning Sciences, published by Emerald. The full collection of 42 open-access articles in a Special Issue on “Emergency Remote Teaching under COVID19,” guest-edited by Reynolds and her co-editor in the Summer of 2020, can be found at:

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